How To: Divide Notebook Sections Without Tabs

I had a very stationary/organizer rich Christmas for which I’m very thankful. It will take several posts for me to catch everyone up on all the awesomeness I received and have started using already. However, this is a quick, easy idea which hit me as I was getting ready for a nap.

Let me introduce you to my Magic Notebook.


It’s an adorable lined and themed notebook that my fiance picked up for me from ThinkGeek (available here). Before you run off and buy this book, I do want to warn you that the binding on mine started failing the moment I opened it. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with all of them or if I just received a faulty one. That said, the awesome theme would be worth it if you can snag it on sale (or free using Geek Points).

A couple of days after Christmas as we were watching TableTop and wishing we had a place to record all of the games we wanted to buy and play, and I thought to myself, “Hey, Amber, you just got that nifty notebook.” I promptly began recording a list of games, appropriately titled “This List is Wil Wheaton’s Fault.” Shortly after, I migrated our list of movies to watch from Evernote, where it wasn’t being used and also created a Gift Ideas list.

But then, there was a problem: I needed a way to quickly find these lists. My first instinct was to add tabs, but I couldn’t decide which from my collection would look the best. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the tabs would ruin the theme anyway.

Here’s where the nap came in.

I laid down for a nap and I was thinking about my tabs and my new awesome Magic “ALL THE LISTS EVER” Notebook. I couldn’t decide which of my tabs I wanted to use. My biggest concern was none of the tabs I had would look right with the theme of the notebook… then I remembered a pin from Pinterest, showing how someone took a notebook and washi taped pages together for a smashbook. It hit me suddenly, if you didn’t do the same number of pages for each of them, but rather assigned a certain roll of washi to each list, you could tell your sections apart.

It was the best of both worlds, easy to find sections done in a way that it wouldn’t ruin the style of the notebook. After, all, the washi’d edges wouldn’t be seen from the front. Excited by the idea, I went back and washi’d my three lists. After that nap, of course. I didn’t perfectly get my washi lined up so that it would fold right in half, but it was “good enough”. Look at me conquering that perfectionism!

If you take your time and were using a different notebook with even margins, you’d be able to get it perfectly lined up. Either way, the end result is the same:

Easy to see and flip to sections… without tabs!

Run out and share the news my friends! This is a simple, yet glorious discovery!

So what do you think you’ll use this miraculous discovery for? Have any notebooks that need sections?