A New Year, A New Blog, A New Printable

I’ve been blogging on and off for approximately 8 years now. I’ve blogged everything from my personal life to fan fiction to what it’s like to be white and nerdy, but until sometime last year, I’d never really been serious about it. Last year, a friend from my past (Jason of Big Bear’s Den) roped me into doing a podcast (Talk Nerdy 2 Me) and since then I’ve been blogging fairly steadily. I did hit a slump with my other blog, Something Nerdy This Way Comes, last year in October. To put it simply, I was distracted. There was something shiny (*cough* Pinterest *cough*), my creative ADD kicked in, and I had grand plans of running two blogs and crafting and working and… and…

And reality kicked in, so nothing came of it.

Until this year. I’ve finally put together my own little space on the interwebs (enigmalea.com), picked up blogging right where I left off, and decided to post my first entry here.

This blog is going to focus on content that just doesn’t quite fit in Something Nerdy This Way Comes. It will be the home to my crafts, DIY, organization tips, and perhaps even recipes. It’s my own little domestically blissful escape, where Pinterest projects come to life, and where I can get my Martha on. That doesn’t mean that there will be nothing nerdy in this blog; let’s face it, nerd is a way of life. My projects may be superhero themed or my cosplay creations may end up on both blogs, but I will strive to bring you unique content as often as possible.

Enough of that… on to why you’re really here: the free printable.

In my search for the perfect planner, I’ve discovered one thing: no one makes it. No one makes a planner that is going to be the size I want, has all the perfect pages for me, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. After much searching on the internet for pre-made planners/planner systems, I finally stumbled upon weekly.agenda by buttoned up. So far, it’s working pretty well for me. I’m not using every feature of the planner, but I’m coming close, and for me that’s pretty dang good. There are a LOT of things I love about this planner. The price is not one of them, even though I got mine during their Black Friday sale. Also, the size of the week is starting to frustrate me. Sometimes I want to be able to write larger than microscopic.

A couple of weeks after ordering my planner I stumbled upon D*I*Y Planner and the hipster PDA. For those of you late to this concept (like me), the hipster PDA is a stack of index cards with your plans, lists, and ideas bound together. It’s portable, inexpensive, and not constrictive. People love the hipster PDA. I was enamored with it… except for one thing. I can’t print onto 3×5 index cards with my printer, and printable index cards from Avery have a lot of waste – not to mention aren’t as inexpensive as their dollar store counterparts.

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, simple, I’ve decided I’m going to make my hipster PDA out of 4×6 cards and print directly on them. I’m going to take this year to develop my own templates and my own binding methods to come up with the perfect planner. Meanwhile, I’ll use my ridiculously expensive planner until I can’t use it any longer.

Which leads me to my first free printable. This is the main guts to any planner, journal, or diary – the weekly planning bit. I prefer the 2 page for 1 week layout which is my first offering. The printable is simple. It’s black and white, to keep printing inexpensive and to allow you to use colored index cards if you wish. It mimics a hand drawn look with typewriter lettering, but it was created completely in Photoshop. Designed with 0.5″ margin in portrait to give you multiple center binding options and still preserve the room to write. It is undated, designed so that you can circle the month and the date the week begins on. You can add dates to each day or leave it.

I can also see uses in this for journaling, scrapbooking, mixed media art… you name it!

Below you will find links for three file formats: Adobe Photoshop (.psd), PNG, and PDF. The PSD is for those of you who wish to get creative and add color, designs, or otherwise personalize it. I left it as a layered image. Feel free to do what you want with it. The PNG is for people who wish to use the aforementioned Avery (or other brand) index or postcards and need a flexible layout. Download the images and import them into your word printing layout. For those who want simplicity, you can download the PDF and use Adobe Reader to simply print directly on to your 4×6 index cards with no clipping, worries about customizing, or layout.

Alternatively, download the ZIP file that has all three options.


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PDF: Mon – Wed, Thurs – Sun
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