And Now I’m Back… From Outer Space!

You just walked in to find me here with this sad look upon my face.

Sorry. Random pseudo-Gloria Gaynor moment.

The point is, I’ve finally come back from my journey into the depths of space and time. No… not really. I wish I’d been in space or traveling through time or in general doing something more fantastic than what I’ve been doing. Not more amazing, per se, because the last few months year or so has been ah-may-zing in ways that I don’t think I can explain in a single post.

First, I started looking for a house in January. I looked… and looked… and looked. I bid… and bid… and bid. I lost… and lost… and lost. It was maddening. At one point, I got so stressed I actually broke down and cried. I’m not a crier. At all. At one point during the process of closing on my mortgage, I curled up in the floor of my mom’s den, and cried for reasons I couldn’t determine. I scared people. People were literally frightened for my sanity. I thought I had finally snapped and lost my mind.

Now that it’s past I have no idea why I was so stressed, but I was. Blogging… well… most things… got pushed aside. That is OVER. I have tons of things to share here and on Something Nerdy and I’m ready to do it!

But first, I want to introduce you to my home. You’ll be getting to know her fairly well from the before and after pictures. First, we didn’t get before pictures of everything. There are certain rooms of this house you can’t just get all the angles to see the full thing like the “master” bath. There’s about 24 sq. ft. of clear space there. Clearly designed by someone who sits down to do their business, because the vanity is in the way otherwise. Also… it’s… y’know… I’ll just let you see it.

Consider these a view of her in her roughest state.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some stats to put this in perspective:

  • # of houses looked at: 8
  • # of houses bid on: 4
  • # of houses lost: 3
  • # of months to close on the winner: 4
  • Living in your own home and getting to make it yours? PRICELESS

Since these were taken a lot has happened. We’ve moved in like… 75% of our stuff and started getting organized. The basement had a tiny water problem, so our contractor did the following: removed ALL the paneling and treated for mold… three times, sealed and painted the interior, replaced the exterior doors, cleaned the gutters, buried all of our drainage from the gutters and directed the water flow away from the house. We also discovered a TON of plumbing issues so… all of the wax rings and fixtures were replaced (save the kitchen which mysteriously wasn’t leaking), the intake plumbing for the water heater was replaced, exterior water faucets were replaced, etc, etc, etc. In addition to all of that, we’ve painted two rooms and started decorating.

Guess you can figure out what several of my posts will be about.

In addition to that I’ve created tons of printables and gotten a lot accomplished as far as organization goes. Hold on tight, everyone, I’ve got lots of material on the way!


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